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Bärbel permanent makeup specialist

Hello Beautiful

Welcome to permanent makeup by Bärbel. 

I am Bärbel, originally from Amsterdam, The Netherlands and am now proudly serving the Bonaire community.

As a mom of two, I know exactly how important it is to feel special, pampered and beautiful in a relaxing ambiance. I've designed my salon experience in a way that'll leave you feeling relaxed and confident. 

I have been a makeup artist and hair stylist for almost 30 years and a few years ago I ventured into the art of permanent makeup: something completely different but I love it so much. I do different styles of brows, eyeliners, and lips. I continually educate myself through online and in-person classes.

While most artists have you in and out of the chair before you know it, I like to take my time to talk through the procedure, explain everything that I will be doing, and decide together on a shape and color for your brows. By working together and making sure that you feel safe and relaxed, we get the most beautiful results.


When I am not in the salon, I love to cook and prepare healthy recipes or spending time with my kids at the ocean or at a soccerfield. 

Click here to check out my service menu or to book an appointment. Email me at if you have any questions.

Bärbel permanent makeup specialist
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